Base Rates:

Copy Editing $6.00 per 1,000 words

Developmental Editing $8 per 1,000 words

The above rates may be useful in estimating a ballpark figure for your manuscript, however, each editing project is individually priced through the process described below.

The author/editor relationship needs to be a good fit, and the following process allows both author and editor to test that fit.

Pricing Process:

The author submits a sample of the manuscript to be edited—typically the first three chapters—so the scope of work can be evaluated.

Next, a portion of that sample—usually Chapter One—is marked up and returned to the author with corrections/ suggestions/ comments, so the author can evaluate the nature and extent of the feedback provided.

The next step, if the author wishes to proceed, is to negotiate a flat-fee contract for the full edit of the manuscript. The per-word rate above serves as a starting point, but a higher or lower figure (Yes, it could actually be lower if your manuscript is unusually "clean.") may be suggested based on the assessment of the work to be done.

For short stories of less than 8,500 words, there is a house minimum charge of $50.

Please feel free to use the Contact Us link for any preliminary questions you may have or, if you're comfortable with what you've seen so far, go ahead and send your sample for evaluation.


$4.00 per 1,000 words

Audiobook Production Management Pricing

Cost depends on the extent of work the author wishes to delegate to an agent. Contact Us to discuss your project and your desires. The goal at RPPS is to provide quality services at prices affordable to the self-published author.